Founded in 2016 by Karim Prince Tshibangu and Aslam Parvez, G C Films is a British feature production company focused on high-concept thrillers and horror. We develop, finance and produce stories with exceptional, contemporary appeal. Whether based on true events, mythology or best selling novels, we pride ourselves on investing primarily in the talent that brings these thrilling tales to life.

Based in London, our ambitious slate looks to directly compete with the biggest films out there, appealing to cinema goers and genre lovers alike.


Psychological horror

Writer/Director – Russell Owen
Producers – Karim Tshibangu, Aslam Parvez
Production Company – Castle Valley Films Limited

Tom Hughes – Eric Black
Greta Scacchi – Glenys Black
Kate Dickie – Fisherwoman
Gaia Weiss – Rachel Black

Status – Post Production
Filming Locations – Scotland – Isle of Mull/Glasgow/
BBC Dumbarton Film Studios
Running time – Approx 110 mins
Shoot dates – February-April 2019 – 8 weeks
Post – April – December 2019
Delivery – February 2020

Shooting script & promo trailer available on request.

Widower Eric Black considers suicide after the suspicious death of his adulterous wife. However, he is repeatedly distracted by a bizarre advertisement for a shepherd, working alone on a remote, desolate island off the west coast of Scotland.

Eric takes the opportunity to run away from his troubles and reflect.

But the island is a psychological trap.

What appears to be the perfect wind swept escape turns into the most terrifying,
unescapable nightmare.
A bump in the night morphs into a horrifying mind game, where the paranormal meets one man’s escalating madness. Haunting images of his dead wife and a mysterious hooded figure taunt Eric to the brink of insanity.

Eric needs to face his greatest fears if he has any chance of surviving and escaping the island.

Shepherd is an intense psychological horror/thriller about a quiet man desperately trying to escape his past, only for it to find him in the most terrifying ways imaginable. He holds a dark secret and must confess before the island can decide what to do with him. Based on a cocktail of urban myths and a terrifying true story, Shepherd is designed to be a through and through gripping, character driven horror film.


Writer/Director – Russell Owen
Producers – Karim Tshibangu, Aslam Parvez
Production Company – Nubian Film Production Ltd.

Jess Chanliau – Stone
Philip McGinley – Doctor Brooks
Jane Garda – Warden Crowe
Meryl Griffiths – Elizabeth

Status – Complete
Filming Locations – Somerset – Shepton Mallet Prison – Devon – North Wales
Running time – 101 mins
Sales – Archstone Distribution 
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/298415026

Screener available on request via Archstone Distribution.

When medical trails are pushed to their limits, the most extreme tests end up on St. Leonards Island in the north Atlantic. A re-purposed prison for some of the world’s most violent criminals.Their only hope of a way out? Commit to the trials.

But when one test goes catastrophically wrong, prisoners, doctors and guards alike have to unite to survive a horrifying, rampant disease that completely transforms its hosts.

The high security units become a maze of dead ends for the survivors desperate to get out and off the island. But this human engineered virus has a grander plan for them.

Based on the original screenplay ‘Prizoners’ by Matthew J Gunn,
Patients Of A Saint is an ambitious new take on a classic genre and combines prison drama with outright horror. The film approaches the ‘zombie’ from a fresh angle and challenges our need as humans to progress and invent quicker than we can keep up with ourselves.

Patients Of A Saint has also switched from a nearly all male cast to a nearly all female cast, swapping character genders without adapting their personalities and dialogue. This decision has given the story a refreshing spark as stereotypes have been inverted. We believe this has resulted in a far more engaging story for the genre.

Sci-Fi Thriller

Writer/Director – Russell Owen
Producers – Karim Tshibangu, Aslam Parvez
Production Company – G C Films

Status – Development
Filming Locations – Canada – TBC
Running time – Approx 110 mins

Dismissed from the air force under suspicious circumstances, Tom Rafferty returns home to his young family on their remote Christmas Tree farm. 
A troubled background already plague Tom and his wife Anna and their 7 year old deaf and dumb son Jack feels isolated from his dismissive parents. Angry, he runs away only to be struck by lightening in a violent storm and vanish.

Anna is convinced he’s dead, Tom is convinced otherwise, as is a mysterious government force watching the farm closely. Something sinister has replaced Jack and is hiding deep in the forest. Tom and Anna must find it if they have any hope of retrieving their missing son. But they’re not the only ones looking for the creature.

RIDEBY – 2019

Director – Ian Dray
Producers – Karim Tshibangu, Aslam Parvez
Writer – Matthew J Gunn
Production Company – Ockham Film Production

Status – Completel
Filming locations – London
Running Time – 95 minutes
A violent young girl gang in south London vow revenge on their rivals for
beating up and robbing a fellow member. But their plot goes horribly wrong when their leader accidentally shoots a 5 years old girl. Showing a lack of remorse, she attempts to go on the run as the child lies on the brink of death in hospital.

Based on a true story, Rideby is a tense gangster thriller and the debut
feature from director Ian Dray


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